Happy for Him – Valentines Day

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift idea for him?  Maybe something that is for your eyes only?  Something that shows the love?  What about cupid? will he play a role?

I think I may have an idea for you ladies & gents – as you probably know, I am a fan of Happy Socks – and it appears my fandom is catching on.  Happy Socks have the perfect Valentine’s Day collection of boxers, briefs & socks – take your pick!  Some also come in sets of 3 in an easy to wrap gift box!  The collection is available here.


Tom Ford Beauty

I recently received this limited edition Tom Ford Beauty lipstick set – Wow!!!!  I would highly recommend it! Yes, it’s a bit of a splurge – but you get an amazing range of colors – from nudes to darks – which you can blend together and create new colors!  I am definitely having a lot of fun with this set.  So much so, that my other lipsticks have been a little neglected recently.  A big plus – Tom Ford’s lipsticks are luxurious and luscious (and very hydrating).

Guys – this makes for a great Valentines Gift! 

The set is available globally on Net-a-Porter (while stocks last).


Adidas Floral

Ummm!! Obsessed!!! Just received these Adidas floral items and they are absolutely fabulous!!!! To be honest, I probably would not wear all three together (that’s not saying you can’t) but will definitely be sporting each in its own right!  The items will be great for my up coming, super long flights – easy to pack in my carry on and change into on the plane (for the 15-hour leg) or upon arrival (to motivate me to go to straight to the gym to overcome jet lag).   I will be easy to spot!

Available from Adidas or Top Shop!

Rent the Audi 

Fed up of lines for a rental car, or not knowing what car you will get? Annoyed that you hav to pay so many overages and fill out tons of paperwork?  Then you are like many frequent travels…..but worry not, help in the form of Silvercar is here! Currently in 12 cities across the US, silvercar is the answer to the modern day rental experience.  You will know what car you will get in advance – take a guess. 


Cars  come with free wifi, gps and satellite radio. Cost is $89 per day in most cities. To find out more about your next car rental experience click here.

Safe travels! 

Who-What-Wear for Target

Starting January 31st, style bloggers Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power will kick off an ongoing partnership with Target to introduce a month-by-month collection of apparel and accessories! Woo hoo Target!!!

Here are some of the looks from the Who-What-Wear collection.

For more information check out http://www.target.com!  Can’t wait.  Don’t forget to save the date – JANUARY  31ST!



New Year New Plan

Happy 2016 all to all you Spruce and Sagers! Thank you for all your support in 2015. We truly appreciate it and look forward to an interactive 2016 – so keep your comments coming! We love to hear from you – your thoughts, ideas, suggestions!

This year we decided to do things a little different. Instead of the regular Tuesday and Thursday posts, we are going to post at will and spontaneously (keep you guessing and us on our toes). You will not know when Spruce and Sage hits your inbox…until it actually does!

That being said, we would love to hear from you – what’s your favorite post? what would you like to see more of?

We have a fun 2016 planned. So buckle up – we are on this journey together!